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Product Name:New design inflate one time water bubble ball (CWB-079)


Water ball price 


    Mechanical facility and beautiful scene are not only the selling points for amusement parks or parks to attract visitors anymore. Our water ball, known as water fun ball or water roller also has been used by most amusement parks or parks to raise more and more visitors’ attention. We always can hear in the amusement parks or the park that the laughter of water ball’s players rings in the ear. They are especially welcomed by the parents and the children. It’s utterly a good way for people to enjoy their weekends or holidays!


        You do the business of water balls; the players are very funny and exercise. You can get more and more money.
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Chinese water ball have  CE certification of water ball, inflatable pool, zorb ball. High quality and competitive price from Chinese water ball,

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        Our water ball is made from best TPU with high-flexible, high-durability, non-toxic, environmental friendly and Germany TIZIP zipper, or TM zipper We pay more attention to the design and make extra strong zipper cover, handle, and seam part where material meets.
The diameter size of water ball: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.2m, 2.5m, 3m clients usually buy the size for 2m. we can make the water ball according to client's favorite size, colour and demand.


  1  Size: Dia.2m    ( customized design is available )   Image show water ball, water ball image show.  Order Now! You will can get more surprise We have the clients buy water balls from UK,
  France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine,  Philippines, Saudi Arabia, USA, South Africa, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Bolivia and so on…
2   Material: 0.7mm TPU with high-flexible, high-durability, non-toxic, environmental friendly, Germany TIZIP.
3    MOQ:  5pcs

         2. Germany TIZIP   &    4. Parking              6. The types of plug of blower , the Boltage(V)  (Hz) of the blower
  4 Packing volume:  Five pcs water balls in one PVC tarpaulin bag. print mark of goods, and also print Don't drag, sharp objects don't close up it on the packing. The special packing from Chinese water ball company

5 Methods of shipping: by sea, by air, by express.
      Chinese water ball Be responsible for express transportation to all over the world: DHL destination    The international air port of all over the world:  , Central & South America , South America , Europe , Middle East , Africa , Oceania , Asia .      The international seaport of all over the world : South East Asia,North Asia , Mid Eait India and the SUB-CONTINENT , Australia , NEW Zealand & Pacific Islands , Europe , The Mediterranean , Africa&America , North America , South America . , UPS destination .North America
  6   Suitable blowers certificated: CE blower , UL blower
    The CE or UL blue blower and a tube together , it will inflate the water ball in a minute . 
    7  Delivery time: usually within 1-3 days after we receive all the money. We also can do delivery time according to client demand.
    For example, the goods are very pressing to some cients.  The clients must pay the full payment very quick, then give us the invoice of transfer, when we confirm the invoice, we will can produce the products at once (we can increase 20pcs water balls from one day to three days). We can send the goods to the clients after we receive client's full payment.
  8    Payment Terms: T/T to our company account            Western Union , Cash (50% deposit). Western Union , Cash (50% deposit) . We can start pruduce the products.
    9    Warranty: one year, provide the usage, the notice, and the maintenance. We will provide the repair kit always (the same material and glue, Lube of Germany tizip). Have complete after-sales service. 
Item Water Ball Manufacturers CWP-079
Certification CE certification for water ball. 1102160023CWB-TX
Size Dia. 2m,.  Customers’ size and color is available
MOQ 1pcs
Material PVC ,TPU with best Germany Tizip zipper  (You can walk and run on the water without getting wet, it is popular to kids as well as adults) 
packing volume 18Kgs,  0.08m3
 Accessories repair bag(the same color material and glue and lubrication for Germany zipper and replaceable handles) will must present.  CE blower, UL blower optional 
 Delivery time 2days-5days for 5-50 water balls, Ship the goods Within 1-3 days after we receive the full payment
 Methods of shipping by airby express ,(3days to 5days).   by sea, (15days to 60days. Different country different shipping time).
Warranty 1 years for water ball. and we will send the manual of correct using for water ball and instruction of maintain water ball and the repair kit that all can help you longer life span of your  water ball.
 Payment Terms T/T to our company account, PayPal, Alipay, Western Union, Cash (50%deposit). We AOTE INFLATAABLE company can accept: CNY、USD、EUR、GBP、AUD、SGD、MYR, NZD、THB、PHP and so on.
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               repair kit           Water ball B2B      B2B water ball welcome!
    It is the most popular because you can play water ball anytime and anywhere there has a inflatable pool , holiday events, and seashore scenic spots. It is the most popular because you can play water ball anytime and anywhere there has a inflatable pool.Water ball is very popular with both children and adults for sporting and recreation. It is widely used for playing centers, amusement parks, water games.
 Children also can play the aqua boat in the inflatable pool.
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        Water ball can be used in many places, not just in Park or playground; you also can put the ball on the public places, like in front of supermarket or square, when in the free time, like weekend, holiday or after work, parents will take their children to shopping or walking, if you put the water ball and inflatable pool in the in front of supermarket or square , it will attract more children.
  4pcs water ball play in 8m*8m of inflatable pool at the same time.      8pcs water ball play in 12m*10m of inflatable pool at the same time.
5pcs water ball play in 9m*8m of inflatable pool at the same time.    10ps water ball play in12m*12m, 15x10 of inflatable pool at the same time.
6pcs water ball play in 12m*8m of inflatable pool at the same time.  12pcs water ball play in 16mx10m of inflatable pool at the same time.    And so on…
                                  This ball also can be used for performance!
    10   These ball the shape as same, the colour (transparent, yellow, blue, red, green and so on),material(TPU, PVC) size (1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.2m,2.5m, 3m and so on) you can choose.  Just there is a little different on different use. How do you want to use the ball, please tell us, we will can do it according to your demand.

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