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Pay attention to play zorb ball[2012-12-28]
Pay attention to play zorb ball These things the player carries about such as mobile phones,glasses ,keys or some sharp stuffs and so on should not be take into the ball in order to avoid cutting the ball or wounding the rider’s body in tumbling.
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Zorb Ball Measures[2012-12-28]
Zorb Ball Measures The Zorb Ball measures approx.3.2m and is suitable for adults only It can be used either on a giant race sheet or as a walking on water Zorb in our 11m x 11m inflatable pool. This is a fantastic Team Building Activity and can be used to create many different It’s a Knock-Out Games. It is also great fun to watch. This piece of equipment is versatile enough to be used at many different events.
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Human hamster ball[2012-11-17]
Human hamster ball The zorb is a large inflatable human hamster ball that people can get into and roll down hills in. It is quite large in size, and up to 3 people can ride in one at a time. There are a couple of ways to ride in a zorb. 1-2 people can ride strapped in. Or, 1-3 people can ride sitting in water.
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Play zorb ball in winter-5[2012-11-05]
Play zorb ball in winter If you do not expect anything good from winter days, snow zorbing would make you fall in love with winter days because when one knows how to spend his day, it won’t matter whether it is summer or winter. And such an exciting activity as zorbing gives a unique opportunity to enjoy things you like to do despite the seasons and weather. You will not be disappointed with snow zorbing, you can be sure of this.
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Play zorb ball in winter-4[2012-11-02]
Play zorb ball in winter   Speaking of safety, there are some recommendations you might want to hear about. The clothes you wear inside the zorb should be warm and comfortable. It’s also better to avoid drinking water - you can have the amount of it you want later when your run or hill run will come to the end. However, snow zorbing is not more complicated than water or any other type of zorbing, it’s all the same, but the snow lets you gain new speed and new impressions at the same time, which are totally worth to look into the eyes of your fear and try out something new.
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Play zorb ball in winter-3[2012-11-01]
Play zorb ball in winter-3   Your body will be fixed (actually, you will fix yourself) by special ropes inside of zorb, so the risk will be on the minimum. When you become more experienced zorbonaut, you may try out other types of fixing yourself which give you more freedom but require good self-coordination. It will turn your zorbing activity into so-called free snow hill zorbing. This name was gained because a zorbonaut will feel quite free inside a zorb and will have to put more efforts in keeping his balance. Professionals prefer this more complicated way of zorbing, and that is rather obvious since it gives an opportunity to experience a totally new level of emotions and adrenalin rush in one’s blood.
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