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Workmanship of our inflatable products Release Date:2014-03-17 14:33:59 Click Count:2955

Inflatable products is air inflated items which usually made by PVC tarpaulin, TPU, PVC or oxford cloth ect. Usually there are two types of inflatable products: air tight inflatables and air blow inflatables.

1, air tight inflatables is usually use hot welding technic. Water balls, inflatable pools, zorb balls, and water toys ect, these products are all use hot welding technic.

2 air blow inflatables is products which need a blower to inflate all the time. These products are use stitching technic. For air blow inflatable products we have: inflatable bouncer, inflatable slide, inflatable tent, inflatable sports ect.

Aote inflatable supply different types of inflatable products. Our workers are all in more than five years experience. The workmanship of our inflatable products are excellent. Quality is guaranteed.


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