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Bring more fun for playing zorb ball (2) Release Date:2014-03-14 11:30:03 Click Count:2793

In last article we talk about inflatable zorb ball ramp which can bring more fun when playing zorb ball. Except for zorb ball, there is another inflatable products which can bring more fun for playing zorb. It is inflatable air track.

Inflatable air track is like a inflatable maze. The size can be customized. There are many passageway and you should go through to get to the exit.

The air track is made by durable PVC tarpaulin. And usually it is made in air tight technic. It is more convenience to handle and move. But for giant size air track, we will suggest customer to make it in air blow design for cost consideration and some other factors.

Aote inflatable can produce various design of inflatable air track according to customer's request. Welcome to consultant.

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