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Inflatable swimming pool games Release Date:2014-03-11 17:23:21 Click Count:2430

Inflatable swimming pool equipped with facilities with great fun (such as roller ball, inflatable water totter, water ball, inflatable water slide ect) is really attractive to children. You can see clearly that inflatable water toys play a important role in the construction of inflatable swimming pool.

Here, we would like to recommend specially is the inflatable water totter. This inflatable toy looks like a cockhorse, which is commonly seen in the park. You can see picture as follows.

This kind of inflatable toy is meant for those kids who are active and love water sports.

Nowadays, people all wish their kids can play with save toys.  We can promise that our products is of great security because the water totter is made with 0.9mm PVC tarps from Plato by high heat welding technology which can link two material together as one. It is totally sealed structure which can hold the air inside for more than 1 month.

Aote inflatable can supply different types of inflatable water toys. Welcome to contact for more.


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