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How durable are the water balls? Release Date:2012-01-06 10:37:42 Click Count:18108

How durable are the water balls?

A: Very durable, we make our water balls from our unique TPU and use unique machines and techniques to make the balls.  Our inflatable balls have proven themselves to be the best in the world (by far) and have been used all over the world in schools, leisure centres, major theme parks etc for over 4 years. Please see here to see a comparison of our  balls to other balls.


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Topics:noneMessage Date:2012-08-11
Content:please send me more information on water ball, size,price on unit order.shipping cost. terry cadovich.
Topics:Mrs. Message Date:2012-05-16
Content:Please quote me for 10-15 water balls, and the size of the bumper pools to fit the balls. At least 10 in use at one time. Also include price for the inflatable tent. Corinna
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